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The Importance of Spinal Extensions

The intervertebral discs have virtually no blood supply and rely upon motion to remain healthy. Motion in the spine causes a pumping action to each disc which allows nutrients to enter in, and wastes to be expelled out.

A vertebral segment that is out of alignment in your spine lacks motion; therefore, during each visit, the goal of the Gonstead doctor is to find this segment and apply a precise force to help restore motion and function to the segment. This will then slow down the degeneration of that segment and improve the overall function of that nerve, in which case helps to restore your health and well-being nervous system.

Spinal extension exercises are recommended to help bring motion to the spine by creating a pumping action. We focus on the neck and low back because those are the lordotic curves that we want to maintain in the spine. Think of it as flossing your spine. Not only will this help to reduce discomfort in the spine, but it also helps you hold your adjustment longer.

Recommendation: 2x/day 1 set, 15 reps. More throughout the day if pain, tightness, or tenderness is present.

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