Chiropractic Care for Expecting Mothers

Ensure the most comfortable pregnancy possible, increase energy and keep the mother’s immune system strong.

Pregnancy itself can be tough on a woman’s body, not to mention additional discomforts that some women also experience such as, but not limited to low back pain, sciatica, pseudo-carpal tunnel, swollen ankles. For this reason, to ensure the most comfortable pregnancy possible, it is important to be in alignment prior to and during pregnancy. Not only does a specific hands-on spinal alignment help with body aches, it may also help to increase energy and keep the mother’s immune system strong.

Congratulations, you're pregnant! Now what?

Finding out that you are pregnant may be just as exciting as it is overwhelming. What prenatals are necessary? What foods to eat? What not to eat? What are the natural remedies for nausea? Homebirth or hosptial birth? Who is the best doctor? There is so much information to sort through. We are here to help you answer all these questions and more!

Here is a helpful checklist:

1. Choose a doctor who respects your birthing choices.

It is your body and you have the right to dictate what happens to your body.  This includes whether or not you want an episiotomy, epidural, water birth, etc.

2. Get adjusted.

Your growing baby lays within your pelvis.  It is important to check to see that both your pelvic bones are moving correctly so that you are the most comfortable as the baby continues to grow.  Common complaints include the following:  pelvic floor pain, pubic symphysis diastasis, sciatica, and low back pain.  Aligning the pelvis may help to reduce labor pains and shorten the labor duration. 

3. Create a birth plan.

We are here to help you draft a plan which you will be comfortable and confident about.

4. Read Vaccination Is Not Immunization by Dr. Tim O'Shea.

Watch VAXXED on Netflix.  Make an informed decision to be confident in picking and choosing what vaccines you may need.

5. What vitamins to take?

During your consultation, we will help you choose the very best supplements for yourself and your developing baby.

6. Nauseous?

Sip fresh lemon juice to help calm the stomach. There are also great essential oils that may help.

7. Learn safe exercises to prepare you for birth.

Think of birth as a BIG marathon.  The stronger and more prepare you are, the more endurance you will have for the big day.

8. Schedule a birthing class.

Not only does it prepare you for what is to come, it also helps your partner understand how to best support you during labor.

Make an appointment today so that we can help you every step of the way.

FAQ Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Whether you are planning to conceive or already expecting your bundle of joy, we can help you through all the stages.

Q: Is it safe to get adjusted during pregnancy?

A: As the baby is growing, their weight is putting pressure on the mother’s lower back and talk bone area. In addition, her body compensates for the abdominal growth by leaning slightly backwards as she walks, which puts even more pressure on the low back, which may cause discomfort or pain. Sometimes the pain may feel like a sciatic pain that shoots down the legs. It is recommended that all mothers choose a vaginal birth if there are no complications. When the pelvis is not in alignment, it could contribute to more pain and longer labors. Sometimes this misalignment could also keep baby from the ideal position during birth, head down facing the tailbone. Getting a proper alignment may help and prevent breech positions.

Q: Why is it important to get adjusted throughout my pregnancy?

Your growing baby lays within your pelvis. 

Q: Why is it important to get adjusted before pregnancy?

A: It is always suggested that the mother’s body is in its best alignment prior to pregnancy to allow for the most ideal and comfortable experience. Pregnancy is different for every mother, but for some it is not an enjoyable experience. Making sure that her spine is in alignment helps to lessen the overall discomfort and assures that the mother’s nervous system is working at its best to create this miracle we call--A BABY!