Rachel Mae Garcia

Rachel Mae was born and raised in Hawaii, on the island of Maui. After graduating from high school, she moved to Las Vegas to attend the University of Las Vegas, Nevada. Rachel Mae was a student intern at the office during her last semester at UNLV. She graduated with her Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiological Sciences, in December of 2017.

From the age of 5-18 years old, Rachel Mae was a dancer of hula, tahitian, and Filipino folk dances. Dancing kept her very active; but after moving away from home for college, she no longer danced. She gained the infamous “Freshman 15” weight. From there, she started going to the gym and that sparked her interest in health and biomechanics of the human body.

Natural health has become one of Rachel Mae’s biggest passions lately, such as implementing doTerra essential oils in her life. This ties into one of our office’s core values – clean living. “It is our responsibility to do our best to preserve the Earth for our children. We choose products and foods that are safe for our body and the environment. We live responsibly, mindfully, and sustainably. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” Taking care of herself naturally and using essential oils as a natural first line of defense is important to Rachel Mae.

Outside of the office, Rachel Mae loves to work out, go shopping, reading, and simply just watching Netflix.