Bone Tree Reiki

What is Reiki?

All things living, and not living, have energy flowing through them. It can be either a positive/high vibrational energy or a negative/low vibrational energy. Did you ever meet a person that you were drawn to instantly or walked through a forest and felt an ease and peace wash over you? That is energy, the beneficial kind, and it surrounds you and everything you come into contact with. Likewise, there is energy that is not so beneficial to you and can be downright hurtful. You may have met a person that left you feeling drained or entered a space and thought that you couldn’t stand to be there. That’s not your imagination. It’s energy. Energy also attracts like energy. For example, if you are living in an unbalanced, low vibrational state and are dwelling in desperation and despair, you will draw similar energy to yourself. Have you ever thought, “Why do these things always happen to me?” Likewise, if you are living in a space of peace, gratitude, abundance, and wonder, you will draw more of that energy into your life. Then your thoughts are, “I am so grateful that all these wonderful things are happening to me.” We are all in a constant state of fluctuation physically, mentally, and spiritually. Sometimes you are full to overflowing with the good stuff. Sometimes, not so much. Reiki harnesses high vibrational energy and lets it wash all over you. It gets in all the nooks and crannies of your being, replacing all that is negative with only what is good. It is drawn directly from God, or Source, or whatever name you give to the Divine Power. As a Reiki practitioner, I am a hollow bone flowing with the energy from that source, adept at sharing it with you in order to lovingly bring you back to a balanced state. I am so excited and grateful to assist you on the path to your soul and your journey to completeness.

About me

By now, you’re probably wondering about the name Bone Tree Reiki and you’re probably wondering about me. I’ll get to the naming of my business in a bit because it’s very interesting, but first let me tell you who I am. I went most of my life without acknowledging anything remotely metaphysical. I had unusual experiences but I called them interesting stories or flights of fancy. As a child, “people” would stand around my bed as I drifted off to sleep, but I literally never questioned who they were and why they were there. They just were. Eventually, I stopped thinking about them at all. I mean, who has people who weren’t people stand around their bed as they fall asleep? No one I knew. Growing up and until very recently, I saw myself as a very good person in theory but I figured that I was not good enough to get into Heaven. I accepted that I was here to play a supporting role, have nothing notable happen to me, die, and then I could go wait it out in Purgatory and maybe slip into Heaven eventually. I didn’t know that I already contained Divinity and I didn’t know that the Divine was waiting to work through me.

In 2016, I met a dear friend, Robin, who changed my life. She took one look at me and told me that I was a healer. I didn’t know what the hell she was talking about. I got all my healing from traditional western medicine. I wasn’t one of them. At that point in my life, because I believed myself to be a victim of my circumstances and a cog in everyone else’s wheel, I weighed 300 lbs and was very sick with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was miserable. I was in pain. How could I be so sick if I was a healer? Then, Robin helped me open my eyes and my heart. She taught me to trust my own intuition, accept my Divinity, and become the hero of my own life. She challenged me to change my perception because those gifts were already a part of me. I began a wondrous journey of exploration and healing. I unloaded negative energy from my life that I had held close to me like a shield. My thoughts slowly changed from, “I am suffering” to “I can leave this suffering behind”. As soon as I accepted that, my Rheumatoid Arthritis went into remission, I lost over 100 pounds, I began to exercise regularly, and I learned to embrace the healing energies that I could share. I learned Reiki but I never thought I would practice it publicly. That’s where the dream comes in. If the Divine has plans for you, it’s not going to let you go on without acknowledging it.
By the way, my friend Robin is a spectacular life coach. Look her up–Soul Touched by Robin.

A little bit about the dream that set things in motion

Bone Tree Reiki started with a dream. For the last year, I have gotten more and more frequent messages that as an empathic healer, I needed to share my gifts. I considered nursing, I considered Yoga for Grief, I considered becoming a Death Doula. I circled these ideas constantly. I was becoming frantic trying to decide what my true purpose would be. Then I went to sleep one night and I began to dream.
The dream began with me cleaning my house, a very Jill thing to dream. As I entered the master bedroom, something under the bed caught my eye. I knelt down to look and discovered a hawk feather. I reached for it and as I pulled it toward me, it transformed into a tiny, white tree made of bone. I thought to myself, “I will keep it even though it’s not perfect.” Suddenly I was transported to the middle of the desert on the darkest of dark nights. I planted the tree and it grew massive, the size of a sequoia, still white and still made of bone. As I admired the tree, energy in the form of white, healing light was released upward from its branches. It filled all the sky and touched the heavens. As I continued to watch the tree and all the healing light, the tree transformed into me. I was the bone tree. The healing energy was coming from me. It was connected to the Divine. I was what transformed. Me, the thing that I will keep even though it is beautifully imperfect.
When I woke up, I knew how I would share my gifts. I would open Bone Tree Reiki. I would improve the lives of others in the most simple way, by sharing love, innate knowledge, and Divine energy, the things that exist in all of us and only need a little coaxing to be revealed.