Master Yan

Master Yan was born and raised in Shanghai, China. He moved to the United States in 2015 to care for his mother and to be closer to his sister. While waiting for his sister to sponsor him, he decided to study Tuina. He was 39 years old when he sought out a Tuina Master in Shanghai to learn the intricate technique. His Master told him that he needed to learn and practice Tai Chi for three years before he would consider teaching this technique to Master Yan.

Just like chiropractic, there are hundreds of massage techniques. Tuina is a highly skilled technique that takes years to learn. For instance, there is a singular hand technique that Master Yan uses on his patients that took him a year to perfect. Similar to Sushi Masters that must perfect cleaning & cooking rice for years before being taught how to prepare and cut fish. Master Yan practiced this one technique on a bag of rice until it turned to powder!

There are about 360 acupressure points on your body, and in one hour, Master Yan is working on approximately 150 acupressure points. He is also breaking up the adhesions created by chronic wear and tear, overuse, and past injuries, improving circulation in the area. The new rush of blood to the area helps to  remove toxins as well as draw nutrients to the area of concern. 

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$135/hour for each Session
$650 for (5) 1-Hour Sessions