Why is SPECIFICITY important?  If suddenly, the lights went out in one of the rooms in your house, what would you do?

You may go check your breaker to find one of the switches in the “off” position and would only need to turn that one switch “on” for the lights in that room, correct?  Would it make any sense to randomly turn all the switches on and hope that it would be the right one? That would be chaotic and would make absolutely no sense!

This is why it is so important that we are specific when making an adjustment. There may only be one segment of the spine that is “turned off,” and that is the only segment that needs to be adjusted to help the body function at its optimal level. It would be insane to randomly adjust every segment, hoping that one of them would produce a result.

That is why Dr. Gonstead developed a protocol that helps the doctor find that one segment and correct it in the most specific matter possible to ensure the best results for the patient.