Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

What is a lymphatic massage?

We all have a lymphatic system designed throughout our bodies that acts as a filtration system. It is composed of lymph vessels, nodes, and organs and it is part of the body’s defense system. The lymph nodes remove microorganisms and other foreign substances.

What happens when we stimulate the lymphatic system?

It causes a wonderful detox effect that encourages fluid circulation and cell regeneration. Lymphatic massage is composed of gentle strokes, at a slow and constant rhythm. The slow and light strokes that move with the flow of the lymph system help push the lymphatic fluid through the lymph nodes to create elimination of wastes. Through the technique of lymphatic massage, you increase benefits of the lymph system by clearing areas of congestion (ie. swollen discs, swollen ankles, legs, puffy eyes), promotion of scar tissue healing, torn ligaments, and sprains. It also helps with post-operative healing, swelling relief from surgery, and treats lymphedema, all while promoting deep relaxation. Cupping is a wonderful addition to lymphatic massage to increase the flow of your lymphatic systems. The light gliding of the cups gently pulls the lymph fluid towards the nodes that eliminate toxins. The pressure that the cups create draws blood to the affected area, increasing your blood flow overall. Applying dōTERRA Slim and Sassy essential oil on the trouble areas of the body during lymphatic massages helps promote the elimination of toxins stored in our body and fat cells.

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A one hour massage is $75. For your very first massage, we will gift you with 25% off.

We also offer massage packages:
3 one hour massages for $210
5 one hour massages for $325
10 one hour massages for $600