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3 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

Have you ever wondered why more people are concerned about the flu during the winter season and not during the other seasons? Does it make any sense that the flu bugs only come around during the winter? Of course not! They are with us all year round. It is silly to think that they only appear this time of the year. 

Our immune system is more vulnerable during this time of the year because of several reasons. The top 3 most common reasons are:

We get less sun.
Natural sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 has several benefits such as strengthening the immune system, tightening the intestinal junctions to prevent leaky gut syndrome, and reducing chronic inflammation.

We eat more sweets.
It begins with Halloween candy. Then the pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin pie. Followed by all the delectable Holiday baked treats. No wonder our immune system is taxed! Sugar increase inflammation and weakens our immune system. That is one reason why it is important to eliminate sugar while we are sick. It feeds and strengthens the bugs.

We are stressed.
We tend to be more impatient, irritable, and/or melancholy during the Holidays. Stress increases blood cortisol levels which weakens our immune system. We forget the, “Reason for the Season.” Although we know it is not about all the gifts, most of us still make it about the gifts. We get less sleep, and as a result our stress increases. Studies have shown that feelings of fulfillment and happiness could change our body’s chemistry, reducing inflammation and strengthening our immune system.

Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System:

Take oral Vitamin D3.
Taking approximately 10,000 IU/day during the winter season could take the place of a flu shot. When taking Vitamin D3, it is important to take Vitamin K2 and magnesium to help maximize absorption. I recommend: Bio D Mulsion Forte, Bio K Mulsion Forte, and Mg-zyme from Biotics.

Get Adjusted.
Getting adjusted directly affects the nervous system. The nervous system controls our immune system. Adults and children that get their spines check tend to get sick less often. When they do get sick, it is usually shorter in duration.

Use Doterra Essential Oils:


Topically: apply underneath feet because the pores are larger there and we have more capillaries in the area that will help increase the absorption of the oils. Oregano is an anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, and anti-viral.
Orally: 1 drop with 4 oz of water.

On Guard: a blend of wild orange, clove, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, oregano, and rosemary.

Topically: underneath feet or behind neck and ears.
Diffuse: common area, air travel.


Topically: on chest, nose, sinus area.
Diffuse: common area, while sleeping to open airways for easier breathing, better sleep, congestion, and/or cough.

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